12/19/04-- Happy holidays from Huero!! Got off to a bang up start for us last night thanks to our man Dan hosting a fun gathering at his house. No coppage showupage so it was a raging sucess. I left about the same time the 3rd keg arrived so count it a success. Photos coming soon if I get off my ass. We're pretty well back to our show-a-month schedule so check the page--upcoming shows at Brick by Brick and The Alibi. --Al
10/28/04-- Right, new update. Let's see, biggest news is that Adrien has left the band, amicably. We've hooked up with a new pounder (John) from BK & Cannon's days with Nickel. He fits right in and is set to bring teh ROCK! Checkout the schedule page (also updated) for a chance to check him out. We're looking to set up some fun shows this fall/winter so check back often. Probably something up in the OC as well if that helps the non-SD folk out at all. That's it. Support local music and have fun.-- Al
8/25/04-- Good times! Just got back from Carbondale and it was fun and funner. Rented a van from the boys of Tiltwheel (many thanks) and marathon sessioned out and back. It was a rockin' show with EOS (local band), Starless Night (from Vancouver), and Death by Stereo. Everyone was very cool and the skaters were appreciative. A big thanks goes out to the Hellride Crew for getting us out there. We put together a five song CD to take with us and still have some copies left so hit us up if you want one. We should have the complete 10 song CD completed soon. You can check out the Music page for some of the tracks. More news soon so stay tuned!!-- Al
6/21/04-- Hey! The last few months' shows have been great! Thanks for coming out if you did so. Got things started out well at the Tiki with a packed house; then rolled thru the Alibi for another great night. Huero just returned from a weekend sojourn down to Baja hosted by the fine folks of the No Worries Surf Club--truly and epic adventure. We'd like to thank Darren Honda for setting it all up as well as co-musical folks Compton Foster, No Good Reason, Blue Label, Hot Box, and DJ Raiz--fun show you guys. Particular thanks to the boys of No Good Reason for supplying the PA, as well as Chopper with the drum kit; made our lives a whole lot easier. Hope to line it up again soon--and check out the photo page! Catch Huero next month back at the Tiki with Christy Bruneau and her band. Then it's off to the Carbondale Run in Colorado in August. If there's a road trip boiling in your veins this could be it.--Al
4/13/04-- Sorry for the delayed site update; got a new program so you'll see the whole thing is redesigned. Should be easier from here on out. Progress on the new CD is going well and we should have some new songs to post soon. We've taken down the old ones so just be patient, the new stuff will be even better! Huero has booked several upcoming shows, the first at the end of the month with The Bartones at the Tiki Bar in Pacific Beach. Should be a great one; check the schedule page for a complete list; and check back often as site updates will be coming fast and furious!!-- Al

2/4/04-- Great show at the Cal Club! Thanks to those who came out. If you missed it--sucks for you. We've been added to the bill for a show at Brick by Brick tonight. Apologies for the short notice. Just found out yesterday myself. If you can make it out, great. We're opening for 3-Minute Miracle and The White Buffalo; both great bands. We'll try and provide a bit more notice next time around. Look for Huero to hit the studio in the next month or so as well; we hope to have some new songs for you to listen to soon! -- Al

12/30/03-- I lied. We've booked a show for January 24th at the California Club. We'll be playing with Christy Bruneau and her band who couldn't make the bill for the show at the Alibi. Should be a good one. Rumor has it that Russel from The Millionaires might do an acoustic set midstream as well. -- Al

12/16/03-- Huero is officially back in action! We had our first show in quite a while at the Alibi last Saturday; sharing the bill with 3-Minute Miracle and a couple other bands who we didn't know. Cool guys though--they essentially agreed to share the bill with us and save what would have been a double-booking disaster. 3-Minute Miracle put on a tight set for the first ever show. Check them out in the future if you get the chance. Our set went well and the crowd seemed appreciative. The Alibi was a great place to play and we hope to get back there in the future. A big thanks goes out to Reggie who snapped some shots of the action. We'll try and get some of them up on the website before too long. It's Holiday time for the boys of Huero who will be taking the balance of December and January off from playing shows. BK is heading off too Thailand--good times. See you in the New Year. -- Al